Alia’s birthday bunny

bunny with carrot 1

My youngest is turning six years old and her favorite thing in the whole world is bunnies, so that’s what I chose to knit for her. I used all worsted weight stash yarns on US 6 dpns – this bunny (pattern Bunny Hop) comes in two different sizes (I knit the large size, about 8” tall) and five different styles (holding flowers, wearing and apron, etc), but my favorite was the oversized carrot.

I prefer to knit stuffed animals with cotton yarn – you don’t get so much stretching when you go to stuff them – but the perfect color grey in my stash was wool, so that’s what I went with. The carrot is cotton, and I had some of the same problems with stuffing showing through, so go figure.

bunny with carrot 2

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