Birthday happenings

Alia's 6th birthday cake

My youngest daughter turned six last week, during our spring break trip to Mt. Bachelor for a family ski vacation. Because of her ongoing obsession with bunnies (live ones, stuffed ones, toy ones, bunny sketches and pictures and drawings, etc), we honored her newly gained skiing skills and her bunny alter-ego in her birthday cake design. As usual, my mom produced a masterpiece in a short period of time, and this time, the girls all got to lend a little assistance in the decorating, as well (although there was a lot more eating of frosting and a lot less decorating with frosting going on, from what I observed!)

dress made for Alia by Bella

The highlight of the gifts that Alia received was a dress sewn by her older sister – this was one of Bella’s first sewing projects, and she and my mom designed it on their own, picked the fabric and the detailing from my stash of leftovers, and Bella did all of the work, from cutting out the pieces, to ironing at each stage, piecing them together, and learning about sewing along a curve, sewing in a hem, and putting on a pocket.

Alia can wear it now with a little white shirt underneath, and then into spring and through the summer. I love that the girls are already beginning to appreciate the value of getting and giving homemade gifts (although that doesn’t mean that Alia wasn’t also excited about all of the Barbie junk she received . . . sigh).

family ski photo at Mt. Bachelor March 2011

Our family ski photo is taken at the base of Pine Marten lift – the girls are really becoming amazing skiers, all of them advanced in three days to blue-square intermediate skiing (and Emmersen even tackled a black-diamond advanced run). It’s heartwarming to see years (and I mean YEARS, we’ve been at it with Em since she was four years old) of taking the girls skiing start to pay off – makes all the whining and complaining seem worthwhile (and I’m not just talking about the girls . . . )

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