Kitty Cats: A simple spring skirt

kitty cats skirt 1

I finished this skirt in just over an hour – it was that simple to make, and without any pattern. I knew that my middle daughter would love the kitty cats print, so when I saw this fabric at the Pine Needle, I figured I could find something to make out of it. I bought the complementary polka dots fabric to add a second tier to the skirt (my daughter said they look like peas, so I suppose that the skirt should be called Cat Peas – hmmm . . .)

kitty cats skirt 2

I cut both fabrics lengthwise and sewed them end to end — two lengths for the kitties, three lengths together for the peas. Then I sewed a hem in the bottom of the peas and a gathering stitch in the top, pinned it on and sewed it to the bottom of the kitties. I sewed a 1 1/4” placket into the top of the kitties and inserted a 1” elastic band, then sewed the entire thing together to make a circle – done!

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