Summer skirts

summer skirts 1

This week’s sewing club project is to sew a very simple little girl’s summer skirt. Instead of working off of a pattern, I designed my own. My girls had a great time picking the fabrics they wanted to use, and I shot the photos in front of my veggie garden (which would grow a lot faster if the sun ever came out!)

summer skirts 2

Here are step-by-step directions (use a 1/2” seam unless otherwise directed):

1. Cut fabric:

Size 6 – one 42” x 13” piece (for the skirt top) and two 42” x 9” pieces (for the skirt bottom)

Size 8 – one 42” x 15” piece (for the skirt top) and two 42” x 10” pieces (for the skirt bottom)

Note: The bottom piece can be cut wider than 9” or 10” if you’d like a longer skirt

2. Sew two bottom pieces together lengthwise, to make one piece 83” long

3. Along one length of the bottom piece, iron a 1/4” hem, then roll the hem up another 1/4” and iron. Sew in hem.

4. Sew a gathering stitch 1/4 from the top of the bottom piece – pull the threads to gather the fabric.

5.Stretch out the top piece on a counter, and pin the gathered end of the bottom piece to the top piece, right sides together, adjusting gathers so that the ends of the two pieces match up. Sew pinned pieces together.

summer skirts tutorial 1
Pinning the gathered bottom to the top, right sides together (Step #5)

6.Press seam toward top piece and top stitch 1/4” above the seam line.

summer skirts tutorial 2
Top stitching (Step #6)

7.Fold the skirt width-wise, right sides together – pin and sew, matching up the seams, so that you have a circle. Press open the seam.

8.At the top of the top piece, press in a 1/4” hem, then roll and press in a 1 1/4” waistband – sew, leaving a 2-3” gap to insert the elastic in.

summer skirts tutorial 3
Pressing in a 1/4″ hem (Step #8)
summer skirts tutorial 4
Then rolling the hem another 1 1/4″ and pressing it to create the waistband (Step #8)

9.Insert a length of elastic with a safety pin at the end to help pull it through the waistband, gathering the waistband of the skirt as you go. Measure on your daughter to get the correct tightness, then sew the ends of the elastic together and cut off the excess. Tuck the waistband opening closed and sew.


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