Citrus slices

citrus slices 1

A fun and easy project from the Purl Bee . . . I used brightly colored Wollfilz Felt (these colors came from Purl Soho’s Spring Felt Bundle) and matching colors of Valdani Pearl Cotton Embroidery thread.  I used a template to cut out two circles of the colored felt, one circle of the white felt, and eight colored “segments” (four larger and four smaller pieces).  Then I placed the white circle on top of one of the colored circles, cut out a few small triangles from the segments to resemble seeds, placed eight of the segments (alternating large and small) on top of the white circle (I occasionally had to trim down the segments so that they would show white space between), pinned them in place, and hand sewed it all together.  Next, I placed the second colored circle on the back (this covers up all of your stitches) and sewed it to the top colored circle.  Trim the edges of the two colored circles so that you have a neat finished edge, and you’re done!

citrus coasters 2

I thought about machine sewing the pieces together – it would have gone a lot faster – but I liked the handmade look of hand sewing, and it was actually very relaxing to sit on the porch in the shade, with a little breeze blowing, and stitch together these brightly colored pieces.  They’re supposed to be used as coasters, but since we’re not big on requiring coasters on any of our tables, I thought they’d function just as well decoratively whenever we eat dinner outside on the picnic table.

citrus coasters 3

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