The never-ending alpaca lace project

alpaca lace shawl 1

Okay, this one definitely falls into the category of “never again” . . . the center panels seemed to take a long time, but they felt manageable – however, once I started on the edging, I realized that this was the knitting project that would never end! Luckily, I ran out of yarn – even though I was supposed to be able to finish the entire project with just one skein – after completing the edging called for in the pattern on just one long side. Since I didn’t want to buy another 650-yard skein (and since I was more than ready to be done with this project, anyway) I punted and finished up the other three sides with an edging of one row of garter stitch, one row of K2 y/o, and a final row of garter stitch, before binding off knit-wise. I actually like how it turned out – it looks like it’s supposed to have the V-shaped edge on only one side, so that the other side runs more smoothly along my neckline. All I can say is that if I’d had enough yarn to finish up all four edges with the prescribed edging, I suspect that this project would have gone into hibernation for an indefinite period of time . . .

alpaca lace shawl 2

The yarn is a beautiful 100% superfine alpaca in 3-ply medium weight – Joseph Galler’s Pure Alpaca in color Natural. I purchased only one skein, since there is a whopping 665 yards per skein, and knit on US 6s. The pattern is Jared Flood’s Celes – this is not lace for the faint-hearted, not because it’s unduly complicated, but just because it gets tedious and it does take a VERY long time to finish.

alpaca lace shawl 3

The finished product is stunning, and I like how the size makes it extremely versatile – shawl to scarf to wrap. Because the yarn is so fine it feels very soft and light-weight, even though its footprint is really very large. It feels and looks like an heirloom piece, and I’m happy to have it, but not likely to undertake the pattern again!

alpaca lace shawl 4



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