Toffee socks

Toffee socks 1

I usually avoid knitting socks – I think because they take so darn long, they’re on such tiny needles, and then, no matter how carefully you wash and care for them, they end up looking worn pretty quickly.  Plus, hidden under your pants and in your shoes, no one but you gets to appreciate your handiwork!

However, I occasionally make an exception, and I liked this simple pattern and loved the yarn.  The pattern is published by the Purl Bee, called simply Perfect Fit Socks, and I liked how it was ribbed the entire sock -which makes for a better fit – and how the socks were a little longer up the calf.  The real draw, though, was the yarn – Anzula Cloud in color Toffee (lace weight), 80% super wash merino, 10% cashmere, and 10% nylon.  At 575 yards, I still had a fair amount left – I guess I could have made the socks even longer.  I knit on the recommended US 1s and I knit women’s shoe size 7, making the cuffs one inch longer (9″ instead of 8″).  I’m glad I went with the smaller size – the socks feel a little loose, and I actually wear closer to a shoe size 8.

Toffee socks 2

The final product is beautiful, but I always hate having to knit that second sock!  I guess I should learn the method of knitting two socks at once, but if one sock at a time seems to take a long time, I can’t imagine how slowly it must seem to go when you’re knitting two at a time!


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  1. Two socks at a time seems to take forever, but it’s a really nice feeling when you’re finished. Just knowing that you have a pair of socks and don’t have to cast on for the next one is so nice. Words can’t describe it adequately.

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