Adding to my knitted animal menagerie

knitted plush bunnies 1

A quick knitting project from Knitted Toy Tales -I loved the yarn used for these bunnies (Peter Pan Darling DK – I had to order it from eBay, not easy to find!) and I love the fabric in the ears (I stabilized it first according to the directions with interfacing, which helped, but if I was to do it again, I’d insert thin wiring in the mama bunny’s ears, to help them stand up better and for bending and positioning). I wish I was more skilled at making pon-poms, I’m afraid their tails are going to slowing fall apart . . .

knitted stuffed bunnies 2

I stuffed them first with poly pellets poured into cheesecloth, then stuffing on top – I do this will all of my knitted animals now, I just like the heft it adds and I think it makes them feel more substantial. Unfortunately, I find that knitted stuffed animals are not near so durable as the store-bought variety – sometimes I think they work better sitting on a dresser, looking cute but not getting too worn or beat-up, losing stitches or stuffing, as it seems that mine often do when they’ve been played with a lot.

Bella's knitted kitty

The kitty (named Strawberry) is my daughter Bella’s first knitting project – she did an amazing job! Because she insisted on knitting a stuffed animal (preferably a cat) as her first project, and because most knitted stuffed animal patterns are not for beginners, I improvised this one for her – she just knit a rectangle-shaped piece using some of my leftover yarn and then I taught her i-cording to knit the tail. She seamed the rectangle together on her own and stuffed the kitty before sewing it up, then I helped her sew on the tail, felt ears, and embroidered face. I think it came out as well as any pattern I’ve seen!

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