Shelter cardigan

Shelter cardigan 1

This is my eighth adult-sized sweater of 2011:

Pattern – Eadon Cardigan

Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter, color Nest (9 1/2 skeins, each skein is 140 yards of American wool)

Needles: US 8s

I knit size 39” and I think it was the right fit for me, given the 6-8” of positive ease in the pattern. I wasn’t sure about using a different yarn – the pattern calls for Manos del Uruguay, but I thought that Shelter would make for a lighter finished product, which could be important given how long this sweater is. I’m not sure whether I like it in Shelter – it is very lightweight, but the yarn is so airy that it almost gives the sweater a puffier, bulkier look than I had hoped for. I think the cabling on the sleeves, and how the cabling puffs out in Shelter, accentuates this issue. Also, the shoulders seem to almost look padded.

Overall, I like the color and the fact that the sweater doesn’t feel heavy or weighted down by its own length, but I would be curious to see a “live” completed project in the recommended yarn. If only I had unlimited time, I’d try knitting a second one in Manos del Uruguay, but this one took long enough, given its length and the fact that I knitted the first sleeve without any shaping and had to rip the entire thing out and do it over again (that’s what I get for not reading the entire pattern first!)

Shelter cardigan 2

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