Homegrown yarn

alpaca yarn 1

My first batch of yarn from our resident alpacas Cappella, Mira, and Encore.  They were sheared in early June and I took the fleece (just the “firsts” and “seconds” – the “thirds” were only good for stuffing a dog bed I made for Maizy) to Fantasy Fibers in Canby.  A little over three months later . . . ta da!  They washed, combed, carded and spun the yarn.  I had it spun in sport weight because I wasn’t sure how much I would get – I was blown away, I ended up with at least 12-14 skeins (each approx. 220 yards) from each alpaca!  That means around 8000 yards of yarn!

Mira yarn
Cappella yarn
Encore yarn

Because I have so much, I think I’ll knit it double-stranded, at least for the first project, so that it’s more of a worsted weight.  Now, what to knit . . .

Here’s our three girls – before shearing . . .

alpacas 1

And after!

alpacas 2


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