Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl 1

Another great free pattern from Purl Bee . . . knit up in one day! (okay, one day and evening – one LONG day and evening . . .) The yarn is Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky – Purl Bee used US 15 needles (the gauge recommended on the yarn label), but I used US 13s, both because this is what I had, and because I know that when you’re knitting stuffed animals, you want to use a needle several sizes smaller than what the yarn is gauged for, to make your knitting tight and sturdy.

The owl body took four skeins of Polar Bear, and the eyes and beak took small amounts of Frost, Silver Mink, and Grey Wolf.  I sewed a pouch of poly pellets and put that at the bottom of the owl, to give him more weight and heft, then stuffed him with nearly and entire bag of poly stuffing.  He’s awesome!  I’m thinking about trying another (smaller) version with Spud & Chloe Sweater yarn.

Snowy Owl 2

 Lots of leftover yarn from the eyes, so I created a P2 K2 hat pattern for adult and baby.  I think I cast on 48 sts for the adult hat and began decreases at 6″, and 40 sts for the baby hat and began decreases at 4″.  For the baby hat, I used two colors and changed color each row; for the adult hat, I used four colors (there’s a row of Polar Bear in there) and changed colors at random intervals.

Blue Sky Bulky hat 1

Blue Sky Bulky hat 2

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