A (very small) Nemo blanket

Nemo blanket 1

At the Sock Summit this summer, I found Hazel Knits – a wonderful indie yarn company with amazing colors.  I bought three skeins of Artisan Sock that went nicely together, in colors Cornelian (center of blanket), Nemo (middle of blanket), and Beachglass (border).  How to put these three together?  I chose the Abby’s Blanket pattern, but because it’s designed for a much larger gauge yarn, I knit double-stranded and went down to US 6 needles.

Nemo blanket 2

First- I should have used a larger needle size.  Midway through I changed to US 8s, and this made the blanket drape and lie nicer.  Because this yarn is superwash merino and a little bit of nylon (a good combo for knitting socks), when I knit double-stranded on the US 6s, the result was a little too springy and tightly knit.  I should have knit the entire thing on US 8s (or even bigger).

Second – even though each skein is 400 yards (so, 200 yards double-stranded), the blanket came out really small – I mean, I think it’s beautiful, but I’m not sure it’s really useful as a blanket, and because of its square shape, there’s really no way to use it as a scarf or shawl.  In hindsight, I should have used the three colors single-stranded to knit a shawl . . . great yarn and great colors, though, I’d definitely look for another project to use Hazel Knits yarn!

 Nemo blanket 3

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