Hard candy scarf and hat

hard candy scarf 1

This was one of those yarn lust purchase where afterward you can only ask, what was I thinking ?!  I loved the bright colors so much that I couldn’t resist buying four different skeins of Anzula Inyo – 100% huacaya alpaca yarn in colors Ducky, Persimmon, Cantaloupe and Hyacinth (great names!)  The problem?   Each skein cost $31.45 – and is only 80 yards!

Ah, well.  Once I had them, I wanted to find the best way to show off the bright colors, so I cast on 23 sts with Us 8 needles and knit in mistake rib until I felt like it was long enough (approx. 65″).  I changed colors randomly, not wanting any uniformity in my stripe pattern.  Then yarn feels wonderful, and the colors are so cheery on a grey winter’s day, but I’m not sure the scarf is worth over $120!

hard candy scarf 2

I actually had some yarn left, so I used the rolled brim hat pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts and knit the child-size hat (turned out I would have had enough to knit the adult size, but I didn’t want to risk it).  With the hat, I wanted to see how  the yarn would look if I changed colors every round – it’s always amazing to me how different the effect is if you stripe colors every round, versus every other round, or versus blocks of color.  I knit on US 8s instead of the pattern’s recommended US 9s because I didn’t have US 9s in 16″ circulars.  The hat is nice-fitting on my nine-year-old, and it feels soft and stretchy, not at all itchy.

 hard candy hat 1

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