Bella the amazing crafter

Bella's alphabet quilt 1

My middle daughter, Bella, has just turned nine, but she’s well ahead of her years when it comes to her skill – and drive! – as an artist.  She has always loved to draw, and recently has begun writing and illustrating short stories, but her real love is sewing and knitting.  The two Rebecca Danger patterns shown here (monster and cat) were among her first knitting projects – I mean, what person in their right mind knits toys (often among the hardest knitting patterns), on double-pointed needles, no less (difficult to master, especially for little hands) as beginner projects?!  But toys was what she was interested in knitting, so toys it was.  I give her a hand with casting on and binding off, and some of the more difficult in the round sections, but by and large, these projects are all hers.

Bella's knitted stuffed animals

Bella also finished her first full-size quilt – all the more impressive because it is made up of twenty-six hand embroidered panels!  She did all the embroidering and all the piecing for the quilt top; I was going to have her machine quilt it, but there were some difficulties, so instead she hand-tied the quilt, then sewed the binding.  I think the finished project is beautiful, and the perfect size for a twin bed.

Bella's alphabet quilt 2

The Penguin & Fish embroidery patterns are so cute, Bella’s moved on to making them into wall hangings, t-shirts, and pillows . . . she recently finished sewing a skirt to match a purple embroidered cat t-shirt, and is hoping to sell it at an upcoming craft fair.

It’s so nice to have a daughter who loves handcrafts as much as I do!

alphabet embroidery block 2

alphabet embroidery block 3

alphabet embroidery block 4

alphabet embroidery block 1

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