Brooklyn Tweed ‘Loft’ shawl

I should know better than to knit these Brooklyn Tweed patterns – they take an unbelievably long time! – but they’re so beautiful, sometimes I just can’t resist. And everyone made such a big fuss out of Loft, their new yarn, that I had to try it out for myself. It is a very different feel – a little more rough and scratchy, like real wool, and so lightweight, it almost has no heft to it at all.

This pattern is Sakura Shawl and it used three skeins of Loft in colors Embers, Long Johns, and Truffle Hunt. I knit it on the recommended US 6 needles, with US 8s for the bind-off. No mods – I made it through sections A and B with the embers color, and made it within a few rounds of completing section C with long johns, but had to change to truffle hunt for those last couple of rounds, then easily had enough of the truffle hunt color to complete the shawl.

I blocked it according to directions, soaking it in a gentle wool soap, rolling it between towels to squeeze out the water, and then blocking it. It did soften up the yarn, but it still feels different than any other yarn I’ve worked with. Can’t decide if I like it or not . . .

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