One-hour fleece scarves

I’m not sure if it even took me an hour to make each one of these! This is a great last-minute gift project inspired by a scarf my friend was wearing – when she told me her mom made it for her, I thought hmmmm…

I cut three corresponding colors of fleece, each 6” wide by 54” long. I stacked them on top of each other and marked a line (drawn and pinned) right down the middle. I stitched down the middle, then using a ruler, cut the strips (cutting close to the stitched middle light but not onto or into it) 1” wide on both sides. Done!

As an experiment, next time I’d try cutting the strips different, random widths; also, if I had the patience, I’d cut each of the three layers’ strips separately, at separate points, so that they didn’t clump together.

Lots of great things about this project:

* minimal material costs
* you can always use leftover fleece for other projects
* the color combinations are endless
* a project that kids can do almost entirely on their own

It was hard for me to stop once I started . . . fleece scarves for everyone on my gift list!

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