Christmas owls

A quick sewing project, inspired by Stitched in Color, with more complete directions here. I changed the angle of the owl’s stomach fabric to 85 degrees (large piece) and 30 degrees (small piece), and after my first “trial” owl (18 cm long for each of the body pieces), I adjusted the length of the sides to 14”. The smaller owl is approx six inches tall, and the larger owl is approx 12” tall.

The two triangles are sewn together, right sides to right sides, then turned right-side out – the point is folded down to form the beak (I found that folding it down more looks better – compare small owl vs large owl). After experimenting a little, I found it works best to hand-tack down the entire triangle (instead of just the point). I ran a gathering stitch around the bottom, stuffed the owls, then pulled the gathering stitch tight. Next, I cut a circle of cardboard, then a slightly larger circle of fabric – stitched a gathering stitch around the fabric circle – placed the cardboard in the center of the fabric circle, pulled the stitch tight, then hand-tacked the circle to the bottom of the owl to cover the opening.

The last step was to sew buttons to felt circles for the eyes, then tack in place. Each owl took less than an hour – I could make a whole flock with my stash fabric! Alia caught sight of the owls and was determined to make her own, so with a little help, here it is (modeling leftover fabric from Bella’s owl blanket, shown here):

For my sister’s new apartment, I made four placemats in “cool” colors, following the same process as for the Bottled Rainbow Quilt. Instead of quilting the placemats, I sewed them right sides to right sides with a neutral backing, turned them right side out, and top stitched around the edges.

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