Sewing with Mary Flanagan felt

Man, I just can’t resist this felt, even though it’s ridiculously expensive …I keep ordering it off of Purl Soho’s website and looking for things to sew it into!

I first ordered the felted wool bundle (ten blocks, each approx. 12” x 15”) in color Royal Plum, and followed Purl Bee’s pattern for a Quillow – essentially, a throw that’s 3 blocks long by 3 blocks wide, and the tenth block sewn on the back so that the entire thing can be folded up and tucked into form a pillow. Great quick project, but not sure if it’s worth the price of the felt…

I next ordered two sets of the mini felted wool bundles in colors Pumpkin and one of the shades of blue (can’t remember which) – I had an idea of what I wanted to make, but couldn’t find a good pattern and wasn’t confident enough to put together one on my own, so I ended up just sewing the blocks together to form a blanket.  However, the blanket was so small that I thought it wouldn’t be very useful – I first thought I’d sew the sides together and form a pillow, but I couldn’t find a pillow insert that was the right size, and wasn’t sure that I could find anywhere in my house for a pillow in these colors to go.

I then decided to fold the blanket in half – trim off the two ends and the top to give it better dimensions and to get enough scraps to make handles – and then sew the three sides together to make a bag.  I sewed the scraps together and had more than enough length for handles.  Ta da – a market bag!  I’d like to try it again with some small style modifications and different colors…

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