Willie the Weiner Dog Sweater

weiner dog sweater 1

My youngest daughter’s obsession this Christmas was weiner dogs – luckily, she’s still too young to be set on getting a REAL weiner dog, and was just as happy with two stuffed versions and a weiner dog sweater!

I found this Willie pattern on Ravelry and knit it on US 9s in Spud & Chloe Sweater yarn (three skeins of Toast for the body, partial skein of Firecracker for the edgings, and a little bit of Chipmunk for the dog).  I knit the largest size available – size 6, which I thought would fit even though Alia is 6 1/2.  Did it ever- it’s a good thing she’s not any younger or smaller!  I don’t like the proportions of the sweater and would make some changes if I knit it again.  First, the body is too long – I’d take out 10-15 rows right above the dog’s head.  Second, the sleeves are way too long – again, I’d need to take out 10-15 rows.  I like how the decreases are done across the chest – that’s a nice detail.  But for some reason, even though the sweater doesn’t fit too tightly across, it gapes a lot along the button row.

I finally decided to go back and sew the top portion of the button row together – she’ll just pull it over her head to get it on and off, anyway.  I like the buttons as detail – I used 5/8″ leather-covered ones in dark brown, which show up nicely against the red.

weiner dog sweater 3

I wanted to add a few red stripes – maybe 3-row widths – across the yoke, but I didn’t have enough Firecracker – maybe a good thing, I’m not sure how it would have looked.  I love how the weiner dog “stretches” all the way around the back of the sweater, and how the details of the floppy ear and the crochet-chain collar look.  All in all, a great pattern if I could make the mods in body and sleeve length.

 weiner dog sweater 2


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