A petite Ashby Shawl

My second go-round knitting Ashby – I just couldn’t handle how long this Brooklyn Tweed pattern takes at full-size, so I abbreviated the pattern and am happy with the time investment and the finished product. I used all of two skeins of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in color Wool Socks, knit on US 8s and 9s.

Mods: I knit only two repeats (+12 rows) of Chart B and Chart D. This shrank the main body area to fill in, so when casting on for the main body, my total stitch count ended up 45 sts on right side, 1 center stitch, and 45 sts on left side. This meant that I needed to knit only 4 repeats of Chart F (after the initial set-up row and the initial Rows 2-8).

I highly recommend this smaller version if you don’t want a shawl that is so large, so time-consuming, or uses so many skeins of Shelter as Sakura does as written.

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