A herd (or is it a flock?) of penguins

stuffed penguins 1

A great (free) pattern from Purl Bee – I bought their fat quarter packet of black and white “penguin” prints, a square of yellow felt (color Sunshine), and white button eyes. The directions were well-written and easy to follow; I struggled a little until I learned to sew in wider seams along the head and beak (my seams kept splitting when I tugged on the fabric to turn it right side out and stuff it), so I highly recommend giving good seam allowances – there’s a lot of tension exerted on those seams!

stuffed penguins 2

Also, I had difficulty sewing the point where the chest meets the sides (right under the penguin’s beak) – I’ll have to experiment with better techniques.

stuffed penguins 3

I sewed all three at once and I love how they turned out; the hand sewing portions aren’t bad, just closing up seams on the penguin’s back and wings, and then whip-stitching on the feet.  The key is really stuffing them as tightly as possible – it felt like I used up an entire back of stuffing on each, it’s amazing how you just keep stuffing and stuffing and stuffing…but it makes their shape come out looking right.

stuffed penguins 4

Bella has suggested that we change their colors and sew love birds for Valentine’s Day…



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2 comments on “A herd (or is it a flock?) of penguins

  1. would you be able to send me this pattern or where could I find it online???
    they are so cute–tks so muh

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