Pom Pom Flowers

A little touch of spring when the real deal is months away…I found a quick and easy tutorial here, then picked up a skein of Lion’s Brand boucle yarn at JoAnns, and made an entire bouquet in an hour or so. The tutorial calls for 100 wraps but that was way too many with this yarn, so I experimented and ended up with 50 wraps. I started double-stranding with mohair yarn from my stash in white, pink, and mauve – really pretty, it gives them a bit of a halo and makes them look like dandylion heads. I got the floral stems from JoAnns as well, since they’re already fabric-wrapped I didn’t need floral tape, and the leaves are cut from my scraps of green felt. A great use for leftover yarn and a beautiful housewarming or birthday gift!


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