Easy flannel quilt

I saw this project on Pinterest, pinned it on my board and then ordered up Children at Play, a Michael Miller flannel fabric collection that I’d been looking for an excuse to buy. I ordered 1/2 yard of each of seven fabrics (including a solid blue and an aqua that weren’t part of the collection), but you need the full 18 inches per fabric and I lost a few inches when I washed the cut pieces, so I’d recommend ordering 3/4 yard. I bought 2 yards of plain white flannel at JoAnns (super cheap, and I had tons left over) for the interior batting.

You can find the easy pattern and instructions here. Because I was short on yardage, I cut more 3” widths than the instructions called for, and less 6” widths, but I still like how it turned out. The instructions didn’t explain how to sew the strips together – just said “right sides together” (but of course both sides are “right” sides!) so I alternated, sewing “right” sides together on side A of the quilt for the first two strips, then “right” sides together on side B of the quilt for the next strip, and so on. That way, there are both closed and open seams on both sides of the quilt.

I used leftover white flannel from the batting to bind the edges. I trimmed the exposed seams according to the directions, then washed the quilt and trimmed off all of the strings – you can see in the photos that the washing gave the seams a soft, frayed look that I love.

A great use for flannel fabrics you have in your stash, a quick one-day project, and when you finish putting it together, the quilting is already done!

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