Velvet Evening cardigan

I knit this sweater as part of the Tanis Fiber Arts January KAL – projects had to be finished by Jan. 31st, so as you can see, I made it just under the wire!  To be fair, I didn’t start until Jan. 16th because I had to wait for my yarn to arrive, so the project really took me about two weeks.

This sweater was a huge undertaking because of the intarsia stitch on both the body and arms – it was so detailed that I could only complete 10 rows a night on the body, which meant it took the better part of a week to finish just that portion of the sweater!  As a result, I had to really crank on the rest of it to finish in time.  The pattern is Velvet Morning, designed for this yarn and published in Knitty Winter 2011.  The yarn is Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label Aran, in colors Midnight (MC), and contrast colors Mallard, Natural and Lemongrass.

I really debated over what size to knit – I would usually knit a 39-40″ but the pattern said that it was designed to be “slouchy” and should be knit with at least 4-6″ of positive ease.  I couldn’t decide between size 42″ (which would be 36-38″ without the ease) or 46″ (which would be 40-42″ without the ease).  Since the larger size corresponded better with the size I usually knit to, I chose the 46″ size.  I think, after trying on the finished product, that this was a mistake – I should have gone one size smaller.  I like the slouchy fit, but the sweater is REALLY long – I think it makes me look like I’m wearing my mom’s clothes unless I wear it with leggings.  Also, the shoulders are too big (my shoulder seam is a little ways down my arm) and, as a result, the sleeves are too long and I need to roll the cuffs.  When I first tried it on I felt like it was really too big to wear, but after wearing it for a while it grew on me, as I got more comfortable with the oversized, slouchy style.

I followed the pattern exactly, except I used US 7 needles instead of the recommended US 8s, because I’m a loose knitter and I was trying to compensate a little for going with the larger size.  I had a lot of trouble initially with the intarsia chart when knitting the arms – the chart and pattern don’t give any helpful information about how to keep to the chart when adding increase stitches to the arms – but I just winged it, and figured it out as I went.  I liked the look of knitting the ribbed collar separately, so that it could be seamed on, but it seemed to take forever!  It was a really long piece to knit, and by then, I was ready to be done . . .

This is another pattern I’d love to knit again – try going down a size, try a different color combination – but it’s going to take me a while to recover from knitting it the first time!



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2 comments on “Velvet Evening cardigan

  1. I am knitting this pattern and having a problem with the color chart stuck at line 9 does not match the other line below. Is there an error

    • I knit this so long ago, I can’t remember specifics, but I have no recollection of an error in the chart – if there are errata, they should be noted on the designer’s Ravelry page for the pattern, have you checked there?

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