Embroidered clutch

Inspiration for the clutch:  Stitched in Color

Inspiration for the embroidery:  Pinterest

Pattern details:  Stitch Magazine

Linen and lining:  From my fabric stash

Embroidery thread:  Anchor Pearl Cotton from The Playful Needle

Interfacing, metal clasp, and textile glue:  While Baby Naps on Etsy

Great first project, but I’m not happy with how much the bottom flares out, so next time I’ll adjust the shape of the pattern.  The glue in the metal clasp worked perfectly – I was really nervous, but it was easy and went according to the directions.  This is a beautiful way to show off a special embroidery project, and makes a nice gift without too much effort.  The hardest part was stitching the clutch fabric right up to the hinge point – if you didn’t hit it exactly right, you’d end up with a hole at the hinge, or you’d overstitch so that the seam wouldn’t lie flat.  I think it will take me some practice to get this part exactly right 🙂

A view of the interior lining


A close-up view of the different embroidery stitches
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  1. I absolutely love this!

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