Alia’s bunny slippers

bunny slippers 1

My youngest daughter just turned 7, and in honor of her obsession with bunnies, I knit her these wonderful slippers.  The pattern is Hopsalots from Tiny Owl Knits, but I forgot to write down what yarn I used – I think it was Cascade 220 Heathers (color 9491).  I needed just over one skein, and I knit it double-stranded – not sure what size needles, I think US 11s, as recommended by the pattern.

bunny slippers 2

I think I knit size small, and then ran them through the wash once and fitted them on her feet – they didn’t require any more felting, so it’s a good thing I wasn’t making them for an adult!  I used stash yarn for the eyes, noses, and pom-pom tails.  Adorable!

bunny slippers 3

I think it was a good idea to knit them double-stranded, because it helped to make the felting thicker and more durable, especially on the bottoms.  We’ll see how quickly she wears them out . . .

Alia's 7th grade birthday cake
Since Alia’s birthday comes at the start of spring, when the cherry trees are starting to bloom, we used cherry blossoms as her cake them this year – of course, bunnies had to be represented, too (as they have on pretty much every birthday cake she’s had!)


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