Briggs Street sweater from Quince & Co

You know that feeling when you’re about halfway through a project, and you decide you just hate the colors you chose? But now you have to finish it, because you already have so much time and yarn invested in the project? Yeah, that was this sweater for me. I loved the colors together as skeins, but hated them once I started the striping.

The pattern is Briggs Street and the yarn is Quince & Co Osprey – I used Apricot as the MC (4 skeins) and Bark as the CC (2 skeins). I knit size 38” – a little smaller than I would usually go – because my gauge tends to be big, and a lot of times my sweaters end up too oversized. Also, for this pullover I wanted something a little more fitted. I used the recommended US 9 needles and I think I was pretty close to gauge.

Fun pattern, very easy, knit up quickly and all in one piece – no seaming! But I hate the colors together when they’re striped, and I hate where it hits me on the bustline – I think you need almost no bust at all (like the model in the sweater pattern) in order for this one to look good.

Also, it came out incredibly short – I ripped out the cast-off and added another 1 1/2 – 2 inches on the bottom ribbing, but the body still looks short. I would recommend adding at least 2 inches to the body of the sweater (14” instead of 12” before beginning the ribbing). And, were I to do it again, I’d add another 1” to the sleeves – they tend to pull up and end up looking a little short.

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