Couldn’t resist this one when I saw it on Knit Purl’s newsletter – I suppose because it lets me play with four different colors, which to me is one of the best parts of knitting. The pattern is knit with four different colored skeins of Shibui Silk Cloud (60% kid mohair, 40% silk). It’s knit triple-stranded, so that you can switch colors gradually, but the cool thing about how the pattern is written is that it doesn’t just transition from color one, to color two, to color three, etc – it mixes up how the colors change a little.

I used Suit (A), Storm (B), Ash (C), and Graphite (D).  On the pattern, I knit the final five “C”s” in color “B” because I wanted blues to be the primary shade, and I changed up the pattern a little bit at the end because of the amounts of yarn I had left.  It’s worth mapping out how your colors are going to go together before you start – for instance, A and C are used more than B or D, so keep that in mind when assigning your colors and deciding what you want the predominant colors to be in the cowl.

Knit on US 9s it actually comes together very quickly – I didn’t bother with the provisional cast-on and the recommended method for seaming together (mostly because I’m so lousy at provisional cast-ons!) but I think I will on the next one I knit, because my seam ended up looking pretty lousy.  Not that it matters much, since it’s hidden in the wraps of the cowl, but still…

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  1. Your cowl is to die for!!! The colors are stunning and the yarn looks scrumptious. I don’t really understand why one would end up using more of one color way than another, but I’m really glad you bring it up! I will take your advice and thanks for sharing this beauty with us! BTW, your blog is beautiful!

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