Shapely boyfriend sweater

I originally bought this Quince & Co Osprey yarn (color Kumlien’s Gull) for another sweater, but by the time I got around to working on it, I’d changed my mind (as often happens!) After trolling Ravelry, I found this pattern, published for free in Knitty Deep Fall 2011. It seemed the perfect match for Osprey’s squishy 100% wool, so I ordered a couple of additional skeins (it took a total of seven, although I just barely got started on the seventh skein) and got started.

I got gauge on the recommended US 9s and knit size 38” – even though the pattern’s recommendation for 1” positive ease would have meant a size 39” or 40” for me, the next size up was 42”, and my experience lately has been that anything 40” and above is just too big on me. It was a good call – the 38” fits perfectly. The only modification I made was that it just seemed like it was going to be too long (I’m pretty short, only about 5”4”) so I changed the last 25 rows of knitting to 16 rows (which meant that I cut off about 1 1/2 – 2” before starting the bottom ribbing). Another good call – anything longer would look silly on me, I think.

I didn’t switch to the smaller size needles for the ribbing – I don’t know why, too lazy? Anyway, it came out fine, but maybe next time I’ll go down at least two needle sizes (I don’t know about all the way to US 6s, though), just to see what difference it makes.

I couldn’t decide what buttons to use – the yarn is a hard color to match, it’s actually got a lot of blue in it (more than the photos show) and sometimes reads more steel blue than grey.  I finally settled on shell buttons, since they “change” colors anyway, depending on how the light hits them.  I knit the recommended seven buttonholes, but then decided that I wanted buttons all the way up to where the neckline Vs out, so I added two additional buttons – I didn’t even need buttonholes, the buttons are small enough and the knitting is loose enough that I can just slip the buttons in between the stitches.  It actually makes for tighter buttonholes that way – my buttons are forever slipping out of the buttonholes I knit, and I have to go back and tighten them all up with needle and thread.  I like this look with the buttons running further up, and would do it the same way next time.

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