Bunny bottoms for Easter

It doesn’t get much cuter than this . . . I made chocolate cupcakes, used a wide frosting tip and an icing bag and piped cream cheese frosting around in circles, from the outside rim of the cupcake to the inside, then stuck on the feet and tails. The tails are mini marshmallows, moistened and rolled in white pariels. To make the feet, I melted vanilla candy melts, scraped the liquid candy into a squeeze bottle, then outlined and filled in oval shapes. After they solidified, I added a few drops of food coloring to the remaining candy, re-melted it and used the squeeze bottle to make foot pads and toes. The “feet” hardened quickly and could easily be picked up off of the parchment paper and stuck onto the wet frosting.

Here are the candy “feet” drying on parchment paper
I used the extra “feet” as footprints leading up to the serving tray

Warning:  Don’t try making these eggs!  I saw the idea on Pinterest and thought it would be easy, but it was NOT!  First, sticking the glue dots on the eggs took a lot of time, trial and error – I broke a couple of the eggs when I squeezed them too hard as I tried to get the glue dots on, I kept stretching the dots out of shape (until I figured out that I should not take them off the paper first, but instead stick the dot to the egg and THEN peel off the backing).  It took forever to get the dots on, and it was hard to get them evenly distributed (and there was no way to hold the egg once there were dots on without it sticking to my hand!)  After the dots were on, the glitter was a whole separate problem – we rolled the eggs in shallow bowls of glitter, but if the egg touched the side or bottom of the bowl anywhere, a dot would adhere to the bowl and when you pulled it loose, part of the shell would come off!  Also, the glitter stuck to the dots, but also covered the rest of the shell, and you had to painstakingly brush it off with a small paintbrush.  Bottom line – this is an adults-only Easter egg decorating method, and NOT worth the time!  Of course, the few eggs we were able to successfully complete after extensive time and effort were beautifully sparkly . . .

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