Hand embroidered flowers

A beautiful way to use two exquisite fabrics in small amounts, and practice my (admittedly limited) hand embroidery. The fabrics are a japanese cotton floral and a linen from this Etsy site (in China!). I drew the flower design to (try to) match the floral fabric, and took a shot at practicing satin stitch. The how-to videos make it look so easy! It must just be a matter of repetition – practice, practice, and more practice. I did learn that making a smaller flower design like this is better – trying to fill in large spaces doesn’t work very well.

My dimensions were 5 1/2” with a 1/4” seam allowance – the finished size is perfect for a pin cushion, and would work nicely as a sachet, as well. I’d like to try making more of these with different backing fabrics and a chance to try out some other flower designs, as well.

I used Japanese cotton to back the pin cushion

My inspiration for this project was the pin cushions on this Etsy site – the artist’s embroidery is amazing, simple yet so beautiful!

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