French Braid cardigan

knitted cartigan French Braid 1

I usually knit size 40″, but I’m glad I went with 38″ here because the sweater has a fair amount of positive ease and a very slouchy fit – all of which I love!

French Braid cardigan 2

Can’t say enough about Tanis’ new yarn – it’s so yummy, I could sleep in this sweater, and it gives it enough heft to draft beautifully, without feeling at all heavy.  Look how beautifully the cables pop!

I got a little confused with the cabling at the beginning – wasn’t sure when to start the actual cable pattern (as opposed to just the first two-row repeat).  I finished the seater, but it was so long, especially with the longer points in front, that it looked huge on me (I’m only 5’4″, so I can’t really wear long sweaters) – I took out the ribbing at the bottom, removed 3″ of the stockinette stitch, and then re-did the ribbing.  Perfect!

The pattern is French Braid Cartigan, knit on US 8s in Tanis Fiber Arts Orange Label Cashmere/Silk Worsted (7 skeins of color Pink Grapefruit).

French Braid cardigan side


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