Color spectrum cardigan

Another project for Tanis’ Color KAL – I used the TFA sky palette (stormy, midnight, cobalt, peacock, sea breeze, tidal, frost and shadow, 130 yds/ea) in Tanis Fiber Arts Yellow Label DK weight.  I wasn’t sure how the sizing would come out, since the pattern (Purl Stripe Cardigan) is designed for worsted weight yarn on US 7s, but it’s pretty much a perfect fit for my nine-year-old daughter.


I knit on US 6s and changed colors every 2 1/4″ on the body of the sweater (knitting the entire way in garter), and every 3″ on the sleeves (again, knitting entirely in garter).  I ran a little short on some of the sleeve colors, but close enough to make it work.

I followed the pattern for alternating between garter and purl stitching on the yoke, to get a little variety from all that garter stitching.  I decided to make the “right side” of the sweater be the side where you could see when I switched colors – that is, you could see the dotted line (as if you’re changing the colors on the purl side).  I liked the way it helped transition a little between the colors, instead of just a solid line between each color.

I only picked up 73 sts on the button bands (instead of 90, as called for by the pattern because this made it way too floppy).

As always, I loved working with a Tanis yarn and all of the beautiful Tanis colors!



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