Dance recital poodle skirts

poodle skirts 1

When I learned that Bella’s dance class needed poodle skirts for the upcoming recital, but couldn’t find what they were looking for, I volunteered to sew the skirts for the seven dancers.  I found a great on-line tutorial here, and bought the shiny satin fabric (I tried them first in pink felt, but the skirt was too stiff for dancing), white and black felt for the poodles, rhinestones for the eyes and ribbon for the leashes at the local fabric store.

poodle skirts 2

In order to fit all of the girls’ different sizes, I used velcro strips along the waistband, so that they would be adjustable.  I glued and then sewed on the poodle, ribbon and eye, and because these skirts likely won’t see a lot of use, I didn’t worry about any of the nice finishing details.  They actually came together pretty quickly, and looked wonderful at the recital!

poodle skirts dance recital

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