Succulents Frame

I purchased this succulents frame (approx 6′ x 6′) at Springwater Environmental Sciences School’s annual auction.  It’s growing in beautifully after we mounted it on the side of our shed and keep it watered regularly by spraying it with a hose.  Keep growing, all you hens and chicks!

Nice touch – words are burned into the frame’s perimeter

Another auction purchase – a “birdhouse condo,” made by my daughter’s 2/3rd grade class:

birdhouse condo

birdhouse condo close-up


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One comment on “Succulents Frame

  1. Andrea, I’m Ann’s mom and I remember you with all the lovely things you made for ann, specially the blanket I use when I sleep there, the creative ambiance in your house, and your wonderful friendship with Ann. I love your blog and was particularly impressed with the vertical screen of succulents . I love them. I’ll be looking at your fascinating blog for motivation……I’m impressed and not surprised.
    Sylvia Brown

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