Inspired by several Pinterest posts, I’ve tried my hand at some simple candle projects.  These are simple but beautiful, candles in little vintage jello molds, based on directions that I found on this blog – a project that took only 15 minutes or so!  Here are the specs:

Purchased the jello molds here
Purchased the soy wax here
Purchased the wicks here
Purchased the lavender essential oil here

I melted the wax in the microwave, according to the directions on the package, then mixed in a few drops of the essential oil.  I put a wick in each mold and poured in the melted wax to approx. 3/4 full.  Therein lay the only problem that I ran into – the wicks wouldn’t stand up when I poured in the wax, and even when I adhered them to the bottom with a glue dot, the wax melted it immediately and I ended up holding them upright until the wax cooled enough to thick enough so that they stood up on their own.  The wax packaging recommended a particular type of wax that you use to stick the wicks onto the bottom of your candle form, but I didn’t want to have to go out and buy something else, so I ended up dipping the bottom metal “base” of the wick into the hot wax – just a drop – which then dried immediately and adhered the “base” to the bottom of the mold.  Of course, once I poured in the hot wax, it largely dissolved that “stay fast,” but it held enough to get the job done.

Beautiful – I love the vintage molds, this project would be quick and fun with a variety of different forms and sizes, and a great way to quickly fill up my gift closest for whenever I need a housewarming gift, hostess gift, or a collection of Christmas gifts for teachers, co-workers, etc.

For my next project, I wanted to put to use some of the lavender that’s growing out in my garden right now.  I purchased simple white candles (3″ wide by 4″ tall) and glass votives (3 1/4″ wide by 6″ tall), harvested some lavender, tied garden twine around the votives, and carefully inserted the lavender, a few stems at a time, under the twine all around the votive.  It looks the most beautiful when the lavender is fresh, but it will keep for a long time because of the drying qualities of the lavender.  I lit the candles and found that, when the votive heats up, it releases the lavender smell – no essential oils needed here!

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