Churchmouse “before and after” scarf

Before & After scarf 1

This scarf has a very unusual construction – it’s knit on the bias, which makes it look awful until it’s blocked (thus the name of the pattern, referring to how it looks “before” being blocked, and “after).  I wanted to knit a lightweight, summer scarf in a neutral color that could be paired with pretty much anything to dress it up a little.

Before & After scarf 2

 I liked the simplicity of the Before & After pattern, and the feel of the lace weight yarn – Anzula Mermaid (60% sea cell, 40% silk) in color Au Natural.  I used only one skein, and at 700 yards, I had plenty left over.

Before & After scarf 3

I knit on US 5s, which is different than the pattern calls for, but gave the nicest texture and drape when the yarn was knit up.  Also, I knit only to 80″ long (instead of the 94″ called for by the pattern, because that was just way too long for the way I wanted to be able to wear the scarf).  And, since both the pattern and the yarn were so simple, I opted for a little embellishment on the ends – 6/0 crystal EarthFaire beads.

Before & After scarf 4

As the pattern indicated, blocking was important, so I followed the instructions exactly and am very pleased with the results.

 Before & After scarf 6


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