Paravel wraps

This is a beautiful new pattern by Megan Goodacre; I love the long, rectangular shape (which I find easier to wear than triangular shawls), the lace details, and particularly, the excuse to use Sweet Georgia Cashluxe Fine yarn, which has to be one of my favorite yarns in the entire world.  It is so soft and squishy, it knits up so beautifully, and the colors are absolutely amazing.  You know I must love the pattern and the yarn when I knit it more than once, which is practically unheard of for me!

paravel wrap summer skin

The first time, I followed the pattern exactly and used two skeins, color Summer Skin.  The result was beautiful but very time-consuming, and it really is more the size of a wrap – in other words, very long and very wide.

paravel wrap 3

Megan gives clear directions as to how to alter both the width and length of the pattern, so the second time I tried for something more like a scarf that a wrap.  Using the same yarn (this time in color Pistachio), I made the following modifications:

Cast on 45 sts
Chart B (broken rib) 7 times (instead of 12)
Charts C (stockinette) / B (broken rib) 16 times (instead of 18)
Chart B (broken rib) 7 times (instead of 12)

paravel wrap 4

Knitting on US 6s, I used up almost every bit of one skein.  As a result, the project took less yarn – and less time – but still has the same beautiful results.  I may even knit a third one, using these modifications – maybe in a warm color next?

paravel wrap 5

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2 comments on “Paravel wraps

  1. So beautiful. The yarn looks really delicious.

  2. Love your narrower version and directions for achieving the shawl/scarf above. I will try this! Thanks.

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