Smith Rock and Sparks Lake

Smith Rock 1
The Crooked River at Smith Rock – one of the most amazing geological sites in Oregon, known world-wide for its rock climbing

We added another seven miles to our summer “hike-o-meter” (we’re keeping track of our hiking miles this summer, trying to reach our goal of a total of 50 miles!) with our hikes at Smith Rock and Sparks Lake during our visit to Central Oregon last week:

Smith Rock 2
Looking up from the river trail at Monkey Face, once of the most famous – and challenging – climbing sites at Smith Rock
Smith Rock 3
Lunch break along the Crooked River
Smith Rock 4 - butterfly
These gigantic swallowtails were everywhere at Smith Rock, and so unafraid that you could practically touch them
Sparks Lake 1
We hiked the Ray Atkeson Memorial Trail at Sparks Lake, one of the snow-fed lakes near Mt. Bachelor
Sparks Lake 2
View of two of the Three Sisters mountains, with Sparks Lake in the foreground
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  1. Andrea, What a lovely place. I remember canoeing at Sparks Lake when our family visited yours. It was an Olympic summer too because we watched some of the games on Tv at Sun River. Probably 1992. My gosh, that’s 20 years ago. Love, Jenny

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