This week in the garden . . . color!

garden color - hydrangea close-up

Every week, I find new hydrangeas that are so beautiful, they take my breath away – here’s my favorite this week:

garden color - hydrangeas 1

garden color - hydrangea 2

garden color - hydrangea 3

The gladiolas are in full bloom now – I love the rainbow of colors, but I’ve seen a deep purple at the farmers’ markets that I want to add to the mix next year:

gladiolas 1

gladiolas 2

 Over by the cottage garden, the flowers are just now in bloom – I love this layered look of the nasturtiums (low, in the foreground),  then the bee balm (mid-height, in the middle), and then the black-eyed susans (tallest, off to the right):

garden color

Our two Polish Tophat chickens, raised from chicks since early this spring, are real beauties now – what hair-dos!  Unfortunately, it appears that the black and white one is a rooster – which brings our total to hens – 13, roosters  – 2.

Polish tophat 1

Polish tophat 2

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5 comments on “This week in the garden . . . color!

  1. Oh my gosh, I just bopped over here from your etsy site and I am so blown away by the COLOR. Here in New Hampshire it is a rainy fall day and all is gloom. What a sight for sore eyes. I have garden envy, chicken envey and flower envy. We have stacks of cord wood, and sullen pre-fall colors of a bit of red here and a a bit of gold there but mostly rain and droopy flowerless perinnialls (sp — my fingers cannot even type the word 🙁

    • We are having an amazing Indian summer – it’s bright sunny skies and 76 degrees today – who would ever guess weather like this in October in Oregon!

  2. Just saw this white top hat. I have one identical! How do u tell if its a rooster? It hasn’t crowed yet and I can’t find any info on how to tell the difference.

    • The first sign will be longer tail feathers – they’ll be more stiff and upright. If it’s a rooster, he probably won’t start trying to crow for 4-6 months – and it won’t really sound like crowing to begin with!

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