Crewel skirt

crewel skirt 1

Inspired by the project ideas and crewel designs in New Crewel:  The Motif Collection, I found a quick sewing pattern for a wrap-around skirt, McCalls M5430.  I used Robert Kaufman Yarn-Dyed Essex Linen in Denim for the fabric, and, in accordance with the pattern, used interfacing on the waistband but no lining on the skirt, which made it the perfect weight for a summer skirt.  I found the directions clear and the skirt went together quickly, but when I was done, the ties weren’t in the right places, and for the life of me, going back over the directions and photos step-by-step, I couldn’t see where I’d made a mistake!  Very poor directions in that regard, and I had to move one of the ties by cutting it off and re-sewing it.

crewel skirt 2

The embroidery went much better – simple daisy, star, and french knot designs using Appleton Crewel Wool color #991B.  It makes me want to add embroidered embellishments to more of my clothes!  I transferred the daisy and star designs onto the fabric with Saral transfer paper.  I’m really enjoying doing crewel work – kind of the ideal combination of the heavier “yarn” that’s similar to knitting, and the fine handwork of embroidery.  Using crewel yarn is a lot more fun than embroidery thread – I feel like I get better results and I like the bigger visual statement that the bigger “yarn-as-thread” makes.

crewel skirt 3



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