Butterfly applique

butterfly applique

Inspired by the Stitched in Color online class lesson on reverse appliqué, I tried my hand at using the same technique for butterfly silhouettes.  I downloaded butterfly silhouette pictures, then used Saral transfer paper to transfer the images to black or white cotton.  For each piece, I chose a different color / pattern scheme, reverse appliquéd on the underlying fabric, and then carefully cut out the overlying black or white cotton with embroidery scissors.

I learned quickly that the edges frayed badly, so I refined my technique by first adhering Steam-A-Steam sticky back fusible web to the back of the black or white cotton, to keep its edges from fraying.

I experimented with both hand embroidery and machine sewing to finish off the appliqué.  On some of the pieces, I hemmed under the edges of the fabric block, while on others, I ran a stay stitch and frayed the edges.

The final step was to use spray adhesive to adhere the entire finished piece to a backing of thin plywood, and then put double-stick pads on the back of the plywood for easy hanging.


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