Crewel pillows

crewel pillows 1
Patterns (from left) are Hollyhock, Zinnea, and Delicate Doily

Pillows are a great way to showcase crewel embroidery, like this project from New Crewel:  The Motif Collection.  I used the colors of Appleton Crewel Wool recommended in the book, and Saral Transfer Paper to trace the patterns onto the fabric.

crewel pillows 5

crewel pillows 4

crewel pillows 2

The white pillows are fronted in linen twill (color oyster white) and backed in orange and white geometric fabrics I purchased here; for the blue pillow, I used linen plain weave (color dark turquoise) for both front and back).  The larger pillow is 14″ square, and the smaller two are 12″ square.

crewel pillows 3

If I wanted larger size pillows, I would do a pattern repeat like the 14″ one here – you could enlarge the dainty doily pattern easily enough, but a larger hollyhock pattern would mean a larger area to cover with satin stitch, which is time-consuming, yarn-consuming, and doesn’t look as good on a large scale.


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