Chicken saddles

chicken saddle 1

Now if that post title doesn’t catch your attention, I don’t know what will!  Two of our chickens, in particular, have been suffering from the attention of an ah . . . shall we say overly amorous rooster, and as a result, their poor little backs are torn up from his spurs.  As they say, you can find anything on the Internet, and my search for solutions was rewarded with these chicken saddles.

chicken saddle 2

Thinking that anything was worth a try, I went ahead and bought two – easy to put on, the hens don’t seem overly bothered by them, and so far, they’re doing the trick!  Hopefully, this will give the hens a chance to regrow some feathers on their backs – and maybe the rooster won’t be very impressed by their new wardrobe and will turn his attention elsewhere 🙂

chicken saddle 3

My girls want to bring their Barbies out and have them ride the giant chicken monsters – if they actually manage it, I’ll definitely have to get it on video!

lemondrop the chicken
This is Lemondrop, the Polish Top Hat that Alia is showing at the county fair this year
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