The party dress

party dress 1
From this angle, you can see the underskirt (or petticoat) with double rows of ruffles, made from the same organza fabric

Back in April, I took an intensive all-weekend class at Josephine’s Dry Goods taught by Mary Adams, the author of The Party Dress Book.  It was an amazing experience to get to learn from such a master designer – everyone in class made their own versions of the basic dress pattern in Mary’s book.  I focused on several design elements, including soaked silk taffeta, sewing my own ruffles for the underskirt and the bodice, and adding a petticoat.  Other wonderful design variations in the book include applique, quilting, pintucks, bias strips, and more.

Here are my results:

party dress 2
By wetting and crinkling the silk taffeta, you get a beautiful textured look that plays up the shiny surface of the taffeta and reflects the light, adding dimension to the deep purple color.
party dress 3
This shot shows the bodice lining – I chose a fun fabric, because even though it doesn’t show, it’s nice having something so beautiful on the inside!
party dress 4
I chose to use the organza for a halter neckline, instead of the optional front to back straps.
party dress 5
All of the fabric used for the circle skirt gives it a lot of body, which makes for great twirling! The body is accentuated by the lift that the be-ruffled petticoat gives the skirt.

party dress 6

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