China plates in crewel

crewel china plates 1

These design motifs are from New Crewel:  The Motif Collection.  I used the colors of Appleton Crewel Wool recommended in the book, and linen twill in color Oyster White for the fabric.  Instead of embroidering each china plate separately and wall mounting them in wooden hoops, as the book suggested, I embroidered them all on one piece of fabric and mounted it to an 18×24″ canvas board.

crewel china plates 2

I’m not completely satisfied with the layout of the design – it was very hard to visualize how it would look as a completed collection, so I made this one as a prototype to get a feel for it.  I’d like a layout that wasn’t so orderly – more of a random placement of the motifs, with some overlapping and/or some halfway off the canvas.  However, every time I tried to put together a random layout, it looked too intentional.

crewel china plates 3This was a time-consuming project, since I worked on only one china plate a day, and the final product takes up a fair amount of wall space; it might be a better idea to work with a smaller sized canvas when experimenting with design placement.  The only issue with size is that if you either reduce or enlarge the motif too much, it becomes very difficult to work on (either the details are too tiny to manage, or they’re so large that any satin stitch or straight stitch isn’t feasible).

Back to the drawing board . . .

crewel china plates 4

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