The season’s first tomatoes have finally arrived in my garden . . . although the weather is really cooling down this week, which doesn’t give them the heat they need to keep ripening.  I planted three beds of tomatoes this year, hoping for a bumper crop and a lot of leftovers for canning tomato sauce, but we had such a cool, wet spring – through June! – that I’m not sure how well they’re going to fare.  That means it’s important to enjoy them while they’re here!

I went for variety this year – we’ve got red, gold, green striped, maroon, and even purple!

indigo girl tomatoes
Indigo Girl tomatoes – these won’t be ripe until the entire tomato is purpley-black (right now they’re still green on bottom)
Green Zebra tomatoes
Green Zebra tomatoes – it can be hard to tell when these are ready to be picked!
Sungold tomatoes
Our Sungold plants are prolific producers
Sungolds in a bowl
I picked all of these Sungolds this afternoon from just two plants!
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