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Saltwater 1

This is the first time I’ve participated in a yarn club, where every couple of months you receive  a skein of yarn and a pattern.  The yarn base, the color, and the pattern are all a mystery.  I usually pass on these, because I’m pretty picky about what I do – and don’t – want to knit.  However, Sundara yarns are so gorgeous that I figured I’d love whatever I got!  Also, I liked the fact that you were given some choice about color, and that they’re all one or two-skein projects – which, I’ve learned, doesn’t always mean that they’re quick, but still, it’s not like trying to knit a sweater each time.  Also, the club only lasts several months – August to October – instead of an entire year, like a lot of other yarn clubs.

Saltwater 2

The first yarn I received as part of the Sundara club didn’t disappoint.  It was Sundara fingering silky merino, 50% merino wool and 50% silk, color The Great Pacific.  Truly gorgeous looking and gorgeous feeling.  Interestingly, the color really changes, depending on the lighting – as you can see from the photos, the blue turns much lighter and brighter in the sunshine.  At 500 yards, it was a generous skein, and I had a fair amount left over even after knitting the accompanying pattern, Saltwater.  I knit on the recommended US 3s.

Saltwater 3

I really like the shape and dimensions of this shawl because, since it’s so long (77″) and it’s shape is fairly narrow (although with a lot of interest, as opposed to just being skinny and straight), it’s easy to just throw on and wear in a variety of ways.  I love how large triangular shawls look, but when it comes to actually wearing them, they never seem easy to arrange – or keep arranged once I’m out and about.

Saltwater 4

This project did take a while – I mean, it takes time to knit 77″ in fingering weight yarn, even if it’s not very wide! – and the construction is very unique – you knit the right side, then put it aside and knit the left side, then join the two with a lot of cast-ons to knit the middle.  I had difficulty orienting the right and left sides when starting to join them and knit the middle, and a lot of frustration because it wasn’t very intuitive or easy to visualize, and I knew if I got it wrong, there would be no way to go back and correct it.  Finally, I was able to look at one of the photos and figure it out.

Saltwater 5

This yarn is really ideal for a shawl, because it’s so silky and soft, but also so lightweight (it would have to be, to be used for a project this long), that I’ll really enjoy wearing it wrapped around my neck and shoulders.

 Saltwater 6

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  1. Gorgeous! Beautiful work! I got the Brambelberry or brackenberry or whatever it was called color and I can’t wait to knit it up!

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