Crewel embellishments to jean jackets

crewel jean jacket 1

I used motifs from New Crewel:  The Motif Collection and Appleton crewel wool to embellish the girls’ jean jackets, turning them into one-of-a-kind back to school clothes!  The possibilities are endless here . . .

crewel jean jacket 2

For these two jackets, I went with a little more complex design, incorporating multiple images, but I think it would also look good to just use a simple design (daisy, sunflower, etc) along the mid-back of the jacket.

crewel jean jacket 3

I didn’t have any difficulty embroidering on the jean jacket material, and I love how the colors pop on the denim.  You could also try embellishing the cuffs of jeans, the hemline of skirts, etc, although you need a very sturdy fabric (or interfacing underneath to support the stitches).

 crewel jean jacket 4

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