Hand-dyed hydrangea tote

hydrangea tote 1

I used the same Inkodye fabric dyes as the fabrics for this project, and these same techniques to sew them into a quilted tote.  This time, I focused on using hydrangea blossoms for the shadow dying, and I used hand-dyed fabrics both inside and out to create a reversible tote.

hydrangea tote 2

On one side of the tote, there’s a white side with hydrangea pockets and a hand-dyed side shadow-printed with guara blooms – both are quilted with randomly spaced horizontal stripes.  On the reverse, both sides of the bag are hand-dyed, one with asters as the shadow prints, and the pockets are also shadow-dyed with hydrangea blossoms.

hydrangea tote 3

hydrangea tote 4

The handle is quilted, as well, one side in hand-dyed fabric and the other in the white linen I used for one of the sides of the bag.  The end result is both functional and beautiful – probably my favorite tote project so far.

hydrangea tote 5

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